Digital Doula

Being a Mama to a newborn baby can be filled with moments of heartfelt joy. It can also be overwhelming and challenging.


You're tired of well-meaning 'advice' from all who interact with you and your baby. 

Sometimes you feel like you are rocking this thing called Motherhood, and at other times you find yourself struggling to know what is the right thing to do, or have the confidence to listen to your maternal instinct. 

You feel isolated, like you’re doing this alone. You question whether you're doing it right, or that you're finding out the right information.

You deserve to be seen and heard. You've grown, birthed and are now nurturing your baby.

You wish that you were a confident Mother, in tune with your instincts. You want to be able to make conscious choices about parenting, which are backed-up by the latest research, information and guidelines.

You want the reassuring presence of someone supporting you through those first few days, weeks and months, to enable to you feel confident and more in tune with your maternal instincts.

In the early weeks of motherhood you find yourself feeling isolated and experiencing anxiety. You really need a break from all the conflicting advice and expectations and ultimately be empowered to know that you are doing okay.

As a postnatal doula I give women emotional support and know where to find the information that they're looking for within the first three months after birth.

Through the Digital Doula programme you will have access to that much-needed support. You'll get to reconnect and strengthen your maternal instinct by having:

  • ​Someone there for you, walking alongside you every step of the way in those first few weeks of motherhood.

  • The opportunity to talk through how you're feeling and the issues you're facing.

  • Access to sources of information, research and guidelines about motherhood and newborn babies.

  • The opportunity to celebrate your achievements and recognise how wonderful you are.

You get three weeks of support through Digital Doula:

Week 1: After an initial questionnaire, you'll have a 45 minute video call with me to talk about your journey so far and identify key areas where I can support you. 

Week 2: We'll build upon our success of week 1 with a second 45 minute video call to identify successes of the previous week. 

Week 3: A final 30 minute video call to reflect on your progress, celebrate your amazing achievements and think any next steps or future support you might need.  

In addition to the video calls, you can contact me via email, text and video call so that you're able to receive the support as and when you need it.

The Digital Doula package costs £100

You can grab your spot by:  

  1. Emailing me to grab your place at this introductory offer!

  2. I'll be in touch with a client agreement, which you'll sign and return to me along with your payment.

  3. We'll then arrange a date and time for our first video call.

  4. You can begin to feel excited about the prospect of finally having the support you need! 

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