I'm Grace. I live in Teignbridge, Devon with my husband, our three daughters and Roxy the rescue dog. 

​We moved to Devon around nine years ago to live life by the sea, away from both our families. In 2013 I gave birth to our first daughter in a local midwife-led unit and made a relatively smooth transition into Motherhood.


In 2015 I had a wonderful home water birth for our second daughter. This time around, I really struggled with Motherhood and often felt extremely lonely and isolated, even though I had the unfaltering support of my husband and friends around me.​

In 2019 I had another wonderful home birth and completed our family with another baby girl. I gifted myself a slow recovery. I observed a slow pace of life for 12 weeks after birth, nested down with my baby girl, ate delicious and nourishing food and kept visitors to a bare minimum. This gave me the best start to Mothering a third time round than I could have wished for. I felt rested, content, happy and myself.

We’re also a veggie/vegan family and have been since 2018. I love how nutritious and healing plant-based food is. It’s also delicious! I am so excited to be sharing some of my favourite recipes with you when I provide you with meals in your home.

My Doula Journey


A few of my favourite things...

I wanted to be a Doula to enable other women to have the right support and build good foundations for their journey through Motherhood. I completed my training with Younique Postnatal and am currently going through the Doula UK recognition process.

I am also a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, having trained with Healthy Babies UK.

Read about what services I provide, and if you're interested in finding out more please drop me a line.

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