I'm Grace. I live in Devon with my husband, our two daughters and Roxy the rescue dog. 

We moved to Devon around seven years ago to live life by the sea. We moved away from both our families and set up home on our own. In 2013 I gave birth to our first daughter in a local midwife-led unit and made a relatively smooth transition into Motherhood. Then in 2015 I had a wonderful home water birth for our second daughter. But this time around, I really struggled with Motherhood and often felt extremely lonely and isolated, even though I had the unfaltering support of my husband and friends around me.

Since then, I've felt a calling to help Mothers in those first few days and weeks after the birth of their baby. I discovered postnatal doulas, and that was when I realised what I wanted to be.

My role as your postnatal doula is to provide emotional and practical support to you. I can also signpost to sources of information and support you in finding your feet in parenting.

  • I completed my postnatal doula training with Younique Postnatal and am currently going through the Doula UK recognition process.

  • I am a qualified breastfeeding peer supporter (level 2), having completed my studies with Healthy Babies UK.

Read about what services I provide, and if you're interested in finding out more please drop me a line.



Grace and Motherhood exists to support women after the birth of their babies. I believe that this is desperately needed, as we live in a society that has largely forgotten how a Mother should be cherished and cared for. Giving birth is demanding on a woman’s body and spirit. She needs time to recover physically and mentally. Society often puts pressure on women to ‘bounce back’ and get back to ‘normal’ much sooner than is realistically possible.

"Mother the Mother"

A Mother needs to have emotional support alongside a practical helping hand. Usually this is done by the family and friends surrounding the Mother. However, in our modern society many people move away from their home town or city and eventually begin a family of their own without the traditional support system in place. This is exactly what I did before having my two girls and I know first-hand how hard life can be without your matriarchal network around you.

You may have heard of the African Proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ - meaning that no parent should do this on their own, that it’s the effort of many people holding those parents up and being a loving support to them. As a Postnatal Doula, my job is to step into that space and work with women and their families post-birth. This is my calling and I am so excited to have found my purpose in life.


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