Grace & Motherhood seeks to change the way people experience Motherhood.

Hi, I’m Grace. I'm a Postnatal Doula. I believe that Motherhood and the birth of a baby brings about a life-changing, seismic shift in a person’s life.


Parenting can be so joyful, loving and tender. It can also be incredibly hard, daunting and overwhelming. Because of this, Mothers need a village of support from people to walk alongside them, to lift them up and be there for them in the hard times.

When it comes to Motherhood, I believe:

  • Women have the right to a positive start to their journey into Motherhood,

  • Women are worthy of the love and support that they need,

  • Breastfeeding has huge benefits for both Mother and baby, the right support can get a woman off to a great start in her feeding journey,

  • Investing in your own mental and physical wellbeing outweighs buying the latest baby-focused tech or gadgets,

  • It can be freeing to allow someone in to support you in your vulnerable moments,

  • Modern society does not value women in Motherhood enough,

  • Good nutritious food sustains both the body and the soul,

  • A warm cup of tea brings comfort and happiness,

  • Mothers know how to mother; some may need gentle encouragement to tune into their instincts,

  • Women are incredibly strong, but not invincible,

  • When women support women, magical things can happen.

Grace & Motherhood walks alongside women in the early days of Motherhood with a newborn.

As a Postnatal Doula, I provide love and support. I am part of the village of people supporting a Mother alongside a partner, family, friends, Health Care Professionals, Doulas, Complementary Therapists etc.


I visit you in your home, providing practical and emotional support. Some of the things I can provide include:

  • A listening ear to discuss your birth experience and any parenting issues,

  • Helping you settle into life with a newborn,

  • Cooking nutritious plant-based meals for you to nourish and heal,

  • Wash and sort the laundry, load and empty the dishwasher, do light housework,

  • Know who to go to for expert advice and guidance in relation to you and your baby,

  • Wear your baby in a wrap whilst you get time to shower, nap, or drink a hot cup of tea.

I offer two types of postnatal support:

I work mainly in the Teignbridge, Torquay, Totnes and Exeter areas, but please get in touch if you're based elsewhere in Devon and would like to work with me.


"Grace was a calm and caring companion at a time when life had got very busy again following the arrival of my second baby. She was a tremendous support in general, but specifically in relation to breastfeeding support. Grace was quick to respond to my questions and signpost me to a plethora of useful resources. It’s lovely to have that additional support championing you.”

Emma, Exeter

"I am so thankful that Grace was part of my journey into motherhood.  Her practical support truly made a huge difference. She was really great company, and helped me to remember myself again. Grace's approachable and easy manner made conversation effortless - a near miracle when in the midst of the newborn haze!  The thing I am most thankful for though, is that Grace gave me confidence in my ability as a new mum. All the advice and shared knowledge I'd received during my pregnancy were invaluable, yet nothing can really prepare you for the realities of motherhood. By reminding me that I knew Robyn the best, she helped me to believe in my mother's intuition, which undoubtedly has stuck with me ever since."

Sian, Totnes

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